October 2017, I found that a callous had opened up on my left big toe & went to my podiatrist, who found traces of MRSA & treated it with antibiotics (pill) & thought It was healing. Instead, it actually got worse. Being Type 2 Diabetic, this is not good.


12/18/17: Had a fever for the first time in a long while & went to Podiatrist.

He told me to go straight to Winthrop Hospital in Mineola & called my primary Doctor.


12/18-12/30/17: Was in Winthrop with 3 different issues at once. (UGH the stories I could tell you about the roommate I had, LOL!) They found MRSA in my bloodstream (which was a very dangerous infection), I had a urinary tract infection for the 1st time in years & the left big toe was infected & about 2/3 of it needed to be amputated. Through IV antibiotics, the MRSA was eventually eliminated. I had to be catheterized for 10 days to treat the UTI & try to empty my oversized bladder (due to my Prune Belly Syndrome). The catheter emptied me within 2 days but they needed to keep it in to monitor my kidneys, which are 80% functional (left) & 20% (right). That led to severe spasms that my fiancée Tammy compared to labor pains. Several types of tests were done (ekg, sonograms, MRIs, etc....) & one of them was THOUGHT to show a "vegetation" on a heart valve, so on 12/26 they had to put a scope down my throat to get a better look at the heart which luckily came back negative & nothing further had to be done. If it came back positive, they would have had to open my chest & remove whatever they found. On 12/27 they removed the toe. Finally got rid of the catheter on 12/28 & came home 12/30. Home care would need to be set up to do further antibiotics & self catheterization.

Had a rough night's sleep that night.


12/31/17: Home care came in that morning to do an IV "Push" Injection of antibiotics. It's a 5-minute cold injection which is the equivalent of a one hour IV drip. After home care left, I started shivering, first I thought I was just cold but then it became the entire body shaking uncontrollably. We called my primary Doctor & because we were staying at Tammy's in West Babylon the Doctor told us to go to the nearest hospital, which was Good Samaritan in West Islip, where I was ambulanced to. Spent New Year's Eve in the ER Triage that night. Some of that night was spent next to an elderly woman with severe pneumonia & after several hours of fighting to be moved away from her, Tammy got me moved to another part of the room around 2am. Got into a room late in the day on 1/1/18 & they were thinking the tremors were because I became septic. After more tests (including brain scan to make sure I didn’t have a seizure & that the tremors didn't damage the brain (which luckily came back negative) it turns out that the home care injection was too much too soon.


Came home 1/3/18 & insisted that the home care now be an IV drip that we can control the speed. Tammy did that for me every day over 90 minutes or so for the next 4 weeks. She also dressed the foot daily & the podiatrist was happy with how that healed.

I'm seeing a Urologist now for the bladder issues & I now self catheterize a few times daily to ensure that I stay as empty as possible at all times. This will probably be a lifetime thing.

With all this going on & all the home care that was required, I'm not able to work. I was home bound for about 3 months & Tammy was & is absolutely amazing with taking care of me. I was only able to go out to go to Doctor appointments. All music work was put on hold during that time.


Monday 4/23 at 8am, after having more issues, checking into North Shore University Hospital of Plainview 

(used to be Central General Hospital, where I was born!) for a Keller Bunionectomy on the right big toe.


That toe was arthritic & no longer flexible so it caused pressure on the toe, which causes blisters.

This procedure prevented that from continuing & saved the toe from amputation!

The surgery was Tuesday 4/24 & I left the hospital on 4/27. Recovery time wasn’t TOO long!


"A Keller bunionectomy typically involves surgical removal of the cartilage surface and a portion of the base of the bone in the big toe, called the proximal phalanx, which comes into contact with the first large bone in the foot, called the first metatarsal."


Since the Spring of 2017, I am now on Disability, & have a Handicap Parking permit in my car. I’m able to play music again but at a much lesser & slower pace as I sometimes still get winded if I overdo it. I was using a cane to get around for a while but have been able to do without it lately.

Trying my best to stay healthier & hoping for good holiday season (being I missed the 2017 holidays completely), & better new year. As always, family & friends (especially Tammy) got me this far with all their love & support (including all the texts, calls, & visits)

& I can never thank everyone enough.

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