Solo Album released hopefully by the end of 2019

Stay tuned for information on how to download the album!

So what do you think about a “22 Greatest Hits” album for my solo debut? LOL!

Here are 22 songs I’ve written over the years, in alphabetical order:

  1. 44 DAYS (Joanne Amante/FW 2010)

  2. ALL OF A SUDDEN (Steve Briody/FW 1988)

  3. BE (Danielle Asher/FW 2000)


  5. BEFORE I GO (Steve Briody/FW 1984)

  6. BEING AWAY FROM YOU (Steve Briody/FW 1984)

  7. CAUGHT BY YOUR STARE (Judy Pisciotta/Racquel Tirrell/FW 1986)

  8. DANCING GIRL (Robin Eve/FW 2004)


  10. EVERY CHRISTMAS (Jessica Upham/FW 2002)

  11. HOLIDAY LOVE (FW 1983)

  12. I WANT TO COME BACK (FW 1982)

  13. IN FRONT OF YOU (SpoonWalk 1999)

  14. IN YOUR SKY (Joanne Amante/FW 2009)


  16. MOON & BACK (FW 2017)

  17. NOT THE ONLY ONE (FW 2003)

  18. QUIET TIME (FW 2000)

  19. RED FLOWER (Jessica Upham/FW 2004)

  20. SOMETHING REAL (FW 1997)

  21. STILL IT IS YOU (Robert Andretta Jr./FW 1987)

  22. WHO SAY? (FW 1993)

All instruments & vocals performed by Frank Walker unless otherwise noted.

  1.   Recorded 2010 by Joe Randazzo

  2.   Recorded 1991 by Nigel Holland

   9.   Recorded 2010 Live at EKO Studios, Deer Park NY

   10.   Recorded 2002 by Tom Cavanagh

   11 & 22. Recorded 2000 by Tom Cavanagh

   13. Recorded 2018 by Frank Walker

   18. Recorded 2008 Live at the Bitter End, NYC by Riyoji Hata

   19. Recorded 2015 by Doug Kwartler

   20. Recorded by Frank Walker, Mixed 2018 by Steve Briody

All other songs Recorded & Produced 2019 by Jay Mafale & Frank Walker

All songs copyrighted 1985-2018.

Luke Alvino: Harmonica on 22

Joanne Amante: Vocal on 1, 14

John Amante: Vocal on 14

Shani Andrews: Flute on 21

Danielle Asher: Vocal on 3

Jacob Beck (PBS Survivor): Guitar on 17

Justin Bojin (PBS Brother 1999-2019): Spoken Word on 17

Rich Briody: Bass on 2
Steve Briody: Guitar on 2, 12, 20

Daniel Brokus (PBS Survivor): Spoken Word on 17

Jason Caputo: Guitar on 7

Tom Cavanagh: Bass on 10, Guitar on 22

Jason Chapman: Trumpet on 12

John Coffen: Vocal on 17

Joe DeFlorio: Acoustic Guitar on 9
Ellen Dumlao: Vocal on 15, 17

Lee Finkelstein: Drums on 14

Cornelius Giles (PBS Survivor): Spoken Solo on 17

Andy Huenerberg: Bass on 14, 18

Dave Isaacs: Guitar on 1

Robert Jack: Bass on 9

Rob Jaeger: Drums on 2

Jerry Lamagna: Trumpet on 2

David Lamm: Vocal on 17

Robin Eve Lazzarino: Vocal on 8, 17

Ed Leone: Trombone on 12

Michael Leuci: Drums on 9

John Marshall: Sax on 6
Carrie McQuade: Vocal on 9

Jane McQuade: Backing Vocal on 9

Janet Montalbo: Backing Vocal on 9

Joe Montini: Saxophone on 2

Sean Mulligan (PBS Survivor): Spoken Word on 17

David Nesdall: Guitar on 9

Chris Olness: Trombone on 2

Judy Palma: Keyboards on 14, 18

Tammy Pendergast: Spoken Word on 17

Judy Pisciotta: Vocal on 7

Michael Ponella: Guitar on 5

Jennifer Sangston (PBS Survivor): Spoken Word on 17
Adam Seely: Saxophone on 12

Paul Silverman: Keyboards on 21
Racquel Tirrell: Vocal on 6

Barry Titone: Saxophone on 9

Bobby Upham: Vocal on 17

Jessica Upham: Vocal on 10, 17, 19

Robert Upham: Guitar on 19

Tony Walker: Spoken Word on 19

Bobby Wall: Vocal on 2

Heather Wallis: Vocal on 12
Robert Weir: Vocal on 12

Sarah White: Vocal on 17

Cover photo by Robert Berkowitz 2011
Baby photo by Ann Walker 1968

Multi-Face photo by Frank Walker via Snapchat 2019


Tammy Jo Pendergast: A former co-worker who I fell for in 1993 & eventually lost touch with. 20 years later, we reconnected & she is now my love, my fiancée, my everything! Her son Kenny & her entire family have become an extension of my family. “Moon & Back” was written as a Valentine’s Day present for Tammy.

Samantha Walker: My niece & God-Daughter. “In Front Of You” was written as a Thank You for the honor of becoming your God-Father.

My “other family” at for understanding & experiencing what “Not The Only One” is about. 50% of anyone born with Prune Belly Syndrome will not survive their 2nd birthday. Included on this recording are some who HAVE survived & one who did not! 

Everyone who contributed to this album holds a very special place in my heart at various points in my life & for various reasons. To have ALL of you taking part in this ONE project is a real honor! I am sincerely lucky & grateful for everything you have been to me & my life would have been very different without you all in it. Same goes for the many friends I am grateful for having in my life.

To Carol Nealon & the many friends I made in the Holy Family Church Folk Group from 1976-1987 who took me in to the group & were the first to encourage & help me develop my love for music & becoming a musician.

To my music teachers for their belief in my musical abilities & encouragement in developing them: Judith Wood, Carol Noblit, Hillary Sperber, Robert West, Peter Borst, Chuck Arnold, Thomas Buttice, Mario Truglio, Barbara Kupferberg, James Cannady, David Burns, Ava Favara. Apologies if I missed anyone!

To the many musicians I have been lucky to perform music with for over 30 years. You’ll never know what it means that your belief in my abilities allows me the honor & opportunity to share them with you all!

To my musical influences for their inspiration: Beatles, Harry Chapin, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Colin Hay, Bee Gees, Barry Manilow, Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, & MANY more!

Jay Mafale & I have known each other for over 20 years. His music trio at the time we met was called the YAYAs (along with his wife Catherine Miles & friend Paul Silverman) & they are the nicest people, & most incredible musicians & songwriters! Their song "Everything" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest love songs ever written. Jay is a recording wizard & when he saw that I was recording this album at home, he offered to help me make it sound like a real album! Through his patience & know-how, that's exactly what he's done! I am deeply indebted to him for his years of friendship & for making this dream a reality!

To many people in the Medical field: Elizabeth Coryllos, Greta Rainsford, Stanley Landau, Ralph Ger, Elliot Duboys, William Tamparo & many, many others. Because of my medical history, I simply & literally would not be here without you.

And to my immediate & extended families; My mother Ann, brother Tony, father Tom. My niece/God-Daughter Samantha, nephew Zachary. My sister-in-law Sallie & my nephews-in-law Kevin & Sam Darby. To all the Celentano (especially my God-Parents Pat & Tony Celentano), Paton, LoPue, Walker, & Ruiz-De-Zarate families. I love you all & thank you for everything!