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Cover photo by Robert Berkowitz 2011
Baby photo by Ann Walker 1968

Multi-Face photo by Frank Walker via Snapchat 2019

55 (2022)

Album artwork by Frank Walker


Tammy Jo Pendergast: A former co-worker who I fell for in 1993 & eventually lost touch with. 20 years later, we reconnected & she is now my love, my fiancée, my everything! Her son Kenny & her entire family have become an extension of my family. “Moon & Back” was written as a Valentine’s Day present for Tammy.

Samantha Walker: My niece & God-Daughter. “In Front Of You” was written as a Thank You for the honor of becoming your God-Father.

My “other family” at for understanding & experiencing what “Not The Only One” is about. 50% of anyone born with Prune Belly Syndrome will not survive their 2nd birthday. Included on this recording are some who HAVE survived & one who did not! 

Everyone who contributed to these albums hold a very special place in my heart at various points in my life & for various reasons. To have ALL of you taking part in these projects is a real honor! I am sincerely lucky & grateful for everything you have been to me & my life would have been very different without you all in it. Same goes for the many friends I am grateful for having in my life.

To Carol Nealon & the many friends I made in the Holy Family Church Folk Group from 1976-1987 who took me in to the group & were the first to encourage & help me develop my love for music & becoming a musician.

To my music teachers for their belief in my musical abilities & encouragement in developing them: Judith Wood, Carol Noblit, Hillary Sperber, Robert West, Peter Borst, Chuck Arnold, Thomas Buttice, Mario Truglio, Barbara Kupferberg, James Cannady, David Burns, Ava Favara. Apologies if I missed anyone!

To the many musicians I have been lucky to perform music with for over 30 years. You’ll never know what it means that your belief in my abilities allows me the honor & opportunity to share them with you all!

To my musical influences for their inspiration: Beatles, Harry Chapin, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Colin Hay, Bee Gees, Barry Manilow, Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, & MANY more!

Jay Mafale & I have known each other for over 24 years. His music trio at the time we met was called the YAYAs (along with his wife Catherine Miles & friend Paul Silverman) & they are the nicest people, & most incredible musicians & songwriters! Their song "Everything" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest love songs ever written. Jay is a recording wizard & when he saw that I was recording these albums at home, he offered to help me make them sound like real albums! Through his patience & know-how, that's exactly what he's done! I am deeply indebted to him for his years of friendship & for making this dream a reality!

To many people in the Medical field: Elizabeth Coryllos, Greta Rainsford, Stanley Landau, Ralph Ger, Elliot Duboys, William Tamparo & many, many others. Because of my medical history, I simply & literally would not be here without you.

And to my immediate & extended families; My mother Ann, brother Tony, father Tom. My niece/God-Daughter Samantha, nephew Zachary & sister-in-law Lisa. To all the Celentano (especially my God-Parents Pat & Tony Celentano), Paton, LoPue, Walker, & Ruiz-De-Zarate families. I love you all & thank you for everything!

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